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Bespoke Doors


An elegantly designed door can freshen up the interior of your home and help make it more efficient by maintaining heat levels and reducing noise.

Bespoke Doors

With many designs to choose from, doors and their frames could change the look of a room in more ways than one. French, barn, sliding, arched, doors in modern, classic or abstract styles are available and becoming increasingly popular.

The use of high quality materials and precision work in creating any type of custom made doorway is most definitely a plus for a beautiful space.

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Our bespoke options include

Extend the bedroom

A dressing room can be more than just a space to store clothes. In recent years, there has been an increase in the desire for this versatile space within the home.

A natural addition

Bedside furniture is often overlooked when designing a bedroom. As focus shifts to bigger furnishings, the practical bedside table can be an after thought.

Stunning centre piece

When imagining a cosy home, the fireplace takes pride of place as part of the picture. The fireplace can be transformed into a stunning centre piece.

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