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Bespoke Under Stairs Storage

Under Stairs Storage

The space under the stairs has huge potential to be transformed into a functional area. From additional cupboard space to open plan study areas.

Bespoke Under Stairs Storage

There are many ways in which the area under the stairs can be remodelled. Cupboards, reading nooks, study areas; the options are plentiful. A storage space in the form of a cupboard, with wall-to-wall shelving, and many options besides, can be achieved with a well-planned individual design.

By complementing existing décor, turning the awkward into the functional, and adding an element in your home that not only maximises areas for storage, but also enhances space, an bespoke under stairs storage project is one of the best interior design choices made.

Our bespoke options include

Maximise the space

Alcove units are designed to fit any space and make elegant focal points while maximising space and being a precious source of storage.

A natural addition

Bedside furniture is often overlooked when designing a bedroom. As focus shifts to bigger furnishings, the practical bedside table can be an after thought.

Stylish Functionality

Add instant style and functionality to a lounge with a versatile sideboard; a furniture piece that is both elegant and an accessible storage solution.

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