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The staircase is one of the most important features in a house. As a focal point, it is often the first thing one notices when entering a room. It is no surprise that a staircase hugely influences the interior design of the home.

Renovating a staircase is the perfect way to improve the look in a home. Not only are staircases an architectural element, they are also a functional one. More than just journeying from downstairs to upstairs and vice versa, a staircase offers an opportunity for creativity in its design.

At Salvatore London we work to ensure that each staircase is uniquely designed, created and installed to meet all requirements, while adding a sense of sophistication to the home.

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A touch of class

A staircase renovation can make a real difference, as the design of a staircase is an important element in a home, often defining the flow of the house.

Secret Storage

The space under the stairs has huge potential to be transformed into a functional area. From additional cupboard space to open plan study areas.

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