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Lounge Furniture

As a hub of household life, the lounge is for relaxing and socialising. For many, it’s the room that brings comfort from the hectic pace of everyday life.

When designing a lounge, determining the room’s purpose and how it is to be used in terms of space and function is key. What type of furniture? Are there areas to highlight? Will it be child-friendly? Will it have dual-purpose; cosy TV nights and entertaining?

At Salvatore London we customise furniture to suit a room’s décor. Furnishings such as alcove units and bookcases can create a unique look for a space that works for you; one that is comfortable, purposeful and aesthetically pleasing.

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Lounge Furniture

Maximise the space

Alcove units are designed to fit any space and make elegant focal points while maximising space and being a precious source of storage.

Organise your items

Bookcases are both versatile and practical. In any shape or size, a bookcase is the ultimate display space for books, houseplants and ornaments.

Set the mood

With so many streaming platforms now the entertainment of choice, TV and media units are a fantastic way to enhance your home cinema experience.

Stylish Functionality

Add instant style and functionality to a lounge with a versatile sideboard; a furniture piece that is both elegant and an accessible storage solution.

Storage and Decoration

Few items of furniture can make open storage look attractive better than wall shelves. Timeless and sophisticated, they are the perfect wall decoration for a pretty lounge.

Style and Comfort

A small hub of cosy gatherings are often found around the coffee table. This living room must-have is a brilliant way to add style and comfort to any central space.

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