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Bespoke Dressing Room

Dressing Room

A dressing room can be more than just a space to store clothes. In recent years, there has been an increase in the desire for this versatile space within the home.

Bespoke Dressing Room

Shelves, box spaces, cupboards, cabinets and countless drawer and door designs can be custom designed for this elegant personal space spectacle.

Dressing rooms can match existing bedroom décor creating an extension type vibe that is both luxurious and practical. Other than achieving maximum storage space based on the dimensions of the chosen area, a dressing room can be a dedicated space that provides ample room in which to dress and get ready.

Our bespoke options include

Secret Storage

The space under the stairs has huge potential to be transformed into a functional area. From additional cupboard space to open plan study areas.

Storage and Decoration

Few items of furniture can make open storage look attractive better than wall shelves. Timeless and sophisticated, they are the perfect wall decoration for a pretty lounge.

Stylish Functionality

Add instant style and functionality to a lounge with a versatile sideboard; a furniture piece that is both elegant and an accessible storage solution.

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