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We are thrilled to share the details of a recent bespoke project that we had the pleasure of completing for one of our valued clients. This involved a comprehensive range of elements, including a fully bespoke kitchen with accompanying cabinets, new internal and garage doors, refurbished windows, and custom-made furniture such as coffee tables, bedside cabinets, chest of drawers, and a sideboard. Additionally, we renovated the client’s staircase, installed new lighting throughout the space, and designed a striking new fireplace to serve as a focal point in the bedroom. Working closely with the client, we were able to bring their vision to life with personalised and unique details throughout the space. The end result was a functional and stunning space that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Kitchen Furniture

We designed and installed a luxurious fully bespoke kitchen, including high-quality cabinets with shelving and standalone units, and a beautiful kitchen island. The client was involved in the process and provided a drawing, which we incorporated into the final design. We used premium materials and finishes to create a personalized and unique space that perfectly suited the client's needs and tastes.

Staircase Renovation

We had the pleasure of renovating our client's staircase with a range of restorative and custom-made elements. This included the replacement of spindles, the restoration of all posts with oak veneer to match the original features, and the restoration of the original steps. We also oiled the banisters and handrails to complete the updated look. Throughout the renovation process, we took great care to preserve the character and charm of the original staircase while updating it to meet the client's needs and preferences. This produced a stunning and functional feature that seamlessly integrated with the rest of the space.

Bedroom Furniture

As part of a bespoke project,, we created bespoke bedroom furniture. This included a marble base for a freestanding bath, a highly lacquered bedside cabinet, and a chaise lounge. We also completely restored a drinks cabinet with new panels and shelving, as well as restoring a fireplace to enhance the room's overall aesthetic. Throughout the design and crafting process, we collaborated closely with the client to ensure that their vision was fully realized in every detail.

Coffee Tables

Two bespoke coffee tables were created for our client. One was made with oak and toughened glass, with felt beneath to showcase a spoon collection. The other was a high-quality toughened glass coffee table with a brass frame. Both coffee tables were created using designs provided by the client. The end result was two stunning and functional pieces that seamlessly integrated with the rest of the space while adding a personalized touch.


We created a range of lighting elements to enhance our client's space. This included the creation of an overhead light structure with metal fittings that were powder-coated and rewired. We also created another high-ceiling light based on client specifications, which included rewiring as well as track lighting. These elements came together to transform the hallway into a gallery-like space, showcasing the artwork and décor in a whole new light.

Doors and Windows

We revamped our client's doors and windows to enhance their appeal. This included the installation of internal glass doors with black metal frames, creating a sleek and modern look that allowed for more natural light to flow throughout the space. We also refurbished the existing windows, bringing them back to their former glory while improving their functionality. Finally, we installed large glass doors with black metal frames for the garage, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Client Testimonial

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Salvatore London on a bespoke project that included new doors, refurbished windows, a custom-made kitchen, and beautiful furniture pieces. They also revamped my staircase, added new lighting, and created a gorgeous new fireplace. Their attention to detail and collaboration with me throughout the project resulted in a truly personalised and stunning space that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Salvatore London for any bespoke furniture.”

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