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How to commission bespoke furniture

Beautiful objects are a welcome sight anywhere. A piece that has been tailor-made to one’s desires, however, goes beyond that. A bespoke furniture piece designed, in collaboration, for you and your space is something that many are seeking to own.

Why commission a bespoke piece of furniture?

Knowing that a distinctive item was crafted with one’s own personal ideas and preferences, and could be something that is eventually passed on as a heirloom, is quite the feeling. Commissioning a bespoke piece of furniture is becoming somewhat of a tradition among furniture aficionados, whose love of craftsmanship and furniture design is a highly tuned pursuit.

4 steps to commissioning bespoke furniture

  1. Decide on budget and timeframe
  2. Search for design inspiration
  3. Be part of the design process
  4. Researching and choosing your craftsman

Decide on budget and timeframe

A bespoke piece is something that masterful craftsmanship will bring to life in an almost magical way. The labour, materials and time involved in this process are not cut-rate. It is therefore highly important to take a pragmatic view of the budget one has and, indeed, the timeframe needed for the piece to be delivered at the highest of standards once ready. At Salvatore London, our communication channels are open, honest and able to offer suggestions and guidance for any budget available.

Search for design inspiration

Everyone remembers that one piece of furniture that evokes beauty and meaning of days gone by. Whether it is Grandmother’s crockery cabinet, Father’s favourite chair, the family dining table or a cascading staircase from a distant memory, furniture and furnishings can invoke happy feelings of joy and wellbeing.

When deciding on a bespoke piece, it is best to focus on one’s own personal style and what one genuinely loves. Take inspiration not only from the past but from the most modern of channels; social media platforms. Gather ideas from museums, furniture fairs, books, and magazines, anywhere and everywhere.

Be part of the design process

When it comes to designing your piece, make sketches and take notes, ensure that it is completely in sync with your style, and that the piece fits its purpose. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Is it a showpiece?
  • Does it fit the surroundings in which it will find itself?
  • If it is, for example, a seating piece, will it offer the comfort I’m looking for?
  • If it is for storage purposes, is it practical for its intended use?
  • If it is a fitted piece, a wardrobe or a staircase, will it enhance its space?

Above all, stick to your style and your instinct of what it is you want.

Researching and choosing your craftsman

With the advent of social media, the brilliant and skilful work done by artisans is available for all to see. There are a host of talented makers showcasing their work on various platforms and, like many in the field, at Salvatore London we pride ourselves on being among them. Being committed to commissions with the utmost dedication, practicing exacting standards, masterful craftsmanship, and enjoying communication between client and craftsman throughout the whole development process is how the finest work is mastered.

Once the custom-made piece has been decided on, and the craftsman entrusted to create it has been chosen, a partnership between the client and the craftsman is undertaken. Together, the client and craftsman embark on a journey that begins with a brief and, typically, a budget, and ends with the final piece. At Salvatore London, we are committed to open and trustworthy relationships with all our clients throughout the process that ends only with a masterfully made item loved by the person whose ideas allowed us to bring it to life.

There is no doubt about the loving and laborious journey that comes with commissioning a bespoke piece of furniture. However, it is a journey worth taking. Not only does one witness a dream coming true, but having that very unique dream materialised in an item that has had heart and soul poured into it, and that will be part of one’s surroundings, is so very worthwhile.

Our bespoke options include

Secret Storage

The space under the stairs has huge potential to be transformed into a functional area. From additional cupboard space to open plan study areas.

Set the mood

With so many streaming platforms now the entertainment of choice, TV and media units are a fantastic way to enhance your home cinema experience.

Storage and Decoration

Few items of furniture can make open storage look attractive better than wall shelves. Timeless and sophisticated, they are the perfect wall decoration for a pretty lounge.

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