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How can bespoke joinery help improve storage space in your home?

7 ways bespoke joinery improves storage space in the home

As bespoke joinery becomes ever more popular, we look at how a custom-made design can add star power and storage solutions in spaces inside the home.

One can add a custom-made statement piece around the home in many ways. Ideas are plentiful from floor-to-ceiling wardrobes and bookcases, media units, built-in home offices or freestanding larders, to bespoke storage solutions.

Whether looking for a multifunctional ‘living cube’, a cupboard under the stairs or a bay window seat, bespoke joinery pieces offer not only beautiful one-off pieces for your home, but also incorporate solutions for storage where every inch of space and every awkward nook is utilised.


A bookcase is the ultimate storage solution. Its use in every kind of home over centuries is a testament to its versatility. In more recent times, décor trends have seen the trusty bookcase become a showcase, not just for books, but also for ornaments, plants and picture frames.

Bespoke bookcases offer amplified solutions to storing items, many now having cupboard-like cabinets, integrated within, for storing any number of objects. Be it shelf design, cubby hole design or any other design, bespoke joinery has answers to all storage dilemmas.


Another timeless piece in the world of storage is the faithful wardrobe. The fitted wardrobe, the freestanding wardrobe, the closet, the clothes store; these have, like bookcases, been in all types of homes for centuries. Many are familiar with the ‘stuffing things in the back of the wardrobe’ concept. A beautiful, well crafted bespoke joinery closet can make that concept a thing of the past.

Storage space is opened up by choosing from the countless designs available for all kinds of wardrobes. The scope is endless. Whether for hanging items, shelving, clothing or adding accessory and shoe organisers, there is a design for any space, big or small.

Media Units

As televisions become bigger in size and video games increase in popularity, incorporating these items in a setting that is both aesthetically pleasing and one that allows for ample storage is becoming easier to attain with bespoke joinery pieces.

Unsightly cables, digital boxes and game consoles are finding themselves neatly hidden away in homes that have opted for a custom made furnishing. Others are looking to hide the TV away all together, only to be exposed when in use, by commissioning TV Pods. These are particularly nice for bedrooms where shelves can be incorporated for any additional technological equipment, and storage areas created for unsightly cables. Once used, televisions can be discreetly stored away, leaving the sleeping area free of large electrical items and allowing for a calm aesthetic to prevail.


Alcoves can be elegant and pretty features in the home. Transformed, they are true showstoppers. Alcoves have the potential of being beautiful areas for storage as well as showcasing books, ornaments, plants and other items.

Due to the very nature of alcove shapes, unique measurements are taken for the perfect design. This involves every inch of space being used, enabling joiners to maximise the storage space of the area. This can be achieved just by adding deeper shelving, pigeon-hole type spaces and cupboard-style cabinets that can house a number of items. Alcoves can be beautiful home features as they are. Once the area within an alcove is reimagined, both aesthetically and purposefully, it makes them winners in interior rankings.


Lofts are a dream for joiners commissioned to work on. Whether clearing up a part of the room for storage space, or creating a whole new one, the loft offers potential like no other. With awkward nooks and strange crannies, working round these kinds of areas allow every bit of space to be used by forming clean lines and designs that are unique. The storage space potential here is huge.

The same concept applies in attics and around eaves, where awkward areas are in abundance, yet with the master craftsmanship used in bespoke joinery productions, they can be utilised for practical storage solutions.

Under The Stairs

One of the oldest traditions using bespoke joinery is the making of a cupboard. For decades the transformation of the space under the stairs has turned this particular part of the home from messy broom cupboard to the secret lair that has made its way into plots of books and the subject of fairy tales.

Huge potential lies in the area under the stairs which can be transformed into anything from study areas and reading nooks with shelving and cabinets for storing items, or into just a good old out of sight, out of mind storage area. There are countless designs using all space provided that can be the base to creating an aesthetic zone and one that maximises storage space. Shelves, cupboards, cubbies and hooks, built with wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling designs can make the under the stairs storage nightmare a real thing of the past.


A bespoke cabinet made from beautiful wood is not only an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture in one’s personal space, it can also be a saviour when searching for a storage solution. A cabinet, big or small, can be placed practically anywhere in the home. Well-designed bathroom cabinets offer storage solutions for bathroom products, cleaning products, loo rolls, and so much more, and can even be designed to utilise corners, along walls and below basins.

Cabinets in kitchens and pantries, whether freestanding or fitted, can be the difference between a messy and clean space, in terms of the storage solutions they offer. With the kitchen being the lifeline of the house, other types of cabinets are seeing an increase in popularity for both their practicality and their storage offering.

The relatively new trend of Coffee or Tea Stations in the kitchen area is gaining in popularity. These types of furnishings offer a new aesthetic to the traditional kitchen while also offering further storage space in the form of shelves, cubby holes and hooks.

Another trend that has taken hold in the interior and bespoke joinery world are Cocktail Hutches. Think coffee station plus wine rack on an upgraded scale that, essentially, houses a home bar. Cocktail hutches are versatile in that they can be placed in a number of areas in the home and offer vital storage space.

Cabinets may not be new in the world of interior design, but today’s bespoke joinery has the ability to create modern furnishings that are as sturdy and beautiful as many of their ancestors, yet can maximise storage space like never before.

Room Overhaul

If a single custom made furnishing is not quite enough for the amount of storage space needed, a room overhaul is likely to be. Many a master joiner has transformed a space, or indeed a whole room, into a spectacular storage solution born of a sweet idea. The Dressing Room, Study, Cloak Room & Mud Room are all becoming increasingly popular interior trends. Turning a spare room or hall space into something beautiful, unique and ideal for storage.

There has been a sharp upturn in dressing rooms within the home. Bespoke dressing rooms using joinery give luxurious results. Many with an extra room at their disposal have realised the potential to achieve maximum storage space based on whatever dimensions the room may have. The clever creation of an entirely purposeful and elegant space appeals to those looking to maximise areas for both practical and aesthetic reasons. An array of designs are at one’s disposal when creating a dressing room. Shelves, box spaces, cupboards, cabinets and countless drawer and door designs are on offer with the ability to make a storage space spectacle.

Another popular conversion room has been the Study. This is the room in the home that can find itself morphing the most organically over time. Unfortunately, that metamorphosis is often accompanied by piles of paperwork, files, electrical goods, cables, thrown-in storage and just generally quite the mess. There’s also, of course, the obligatory chair in the middle of the room and the mass of wasted storage space.

With bespoke joinery, the creation of a Study using clean lines and building in storage areas that can take up as little or as much space as desired, allows for work-life balance benefits to be truly felt. The natural organisation that comes with such a renovation that maximises storage space, is pretty, and displays comfort leads to what can only be described as positive energy that allows for a healthy working environment to flourish.

Cloak Rooms and Mud Rooms help transform a space within a typical hallway. Making use of ample storage and create a welcoming atmosphere can be achieved by a basic custom made bench or a full-blown additional furnishing. This could consist of hook space, cubbies, cabinets, drawers or locker style cupboards.

Joiners are also able to seamlessly blend new bespoke furnishings into the existing décor of the house. Feature walls, unique designs and the incorporation of essentials needed for specific use, such as spaces for pets or practical designs for younger children. Even the most awkward of nooks can be transformed into an inviting and practical space.

Fitted or freestanding, beauty and purpose, bespoke joinery pieces are a wonderful way to maximise storage in any part of the home.

Our bespoke options include

Organise your workspace

The clutter of papers and stationery, and a desk chair in the middle of the room, is a common vision when taking a peek into many a home office.

Tailored to your needs

From open shelving to slide out drawers, from glass to wooden doors, luxurious kitchen cabinets can be uniquely designed to maximise all the available space.

Beautiful and Functional

A beautiful and functional kitchen table can be a hive of energy and activity. At the heart of the kitchen, it can be the life of a home.

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