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Bespoke Furniture Design Process

Bespoke Furniture Design Process

Designing bespoke furniture

Having an idea and, subsequently, the ability to create a unique piece of furniture from it, is something that many are getting on board with. As the popularity of bespoke furniture witnesses a steady rise, more and more are looking towards finding the right people to carry out this exacting work. A number of criteria are included in this search, one being the ease and comfort of the process in which, from concept to completion, one’s bespoke furniture comes into fruition.

At Salvatore London, a 7-Step design process is used. This ensures a smooth relationship between ourselves and our clients, and allows us to maintain our principles of craftsmanship, use our working know-how, and guarantee the quality of our work while honouring our clients’ ideas and vision.

Our 7-Step Design Process

  1. Initial Discussion
  2. Initial Design
  3. Project Cost
  4. Final Design
  5. Production
  6. Installation
  7. After Care

Step 1: Initial Discussion

This first step is where a discussion is had that gives insight into the overall vision and ideas of the client. Upon gaining insight for the project and its general requirements, during this step, we ask our clients to inform us as to their budget, as well as the level of designer input they desire; this could be anything from a little to a lot, and is typically based on the strength of the client’s idea. Once the general concept has been discussed and understood, a brief can be created and timescales discussed.

Step 2: Initial Design

The start of this second step in the design process begins with an initial visit to the space where the completed bespoke furnishing will be placed. Specifications are looked at, as are any other dimensions that need to be taken into account, as well as noting existing décor. We can advise regarding materials or, for example, wood types, and during this stage, measurements are taken and materials and finishes are agreed.

Step 3: Project Cost

Having discussed budgets during Step 1, this third step is where a general picture is understood of the pricing of the project. Here a quotation is provided based on initial designs. This is the stage where any re-measuring needed is completed, and where a deposit of 50% is placed.

Step 4: Final Design

The fourth step in the design process is where things start to really come together. Here, the final design is drawn up as the project reaches just a few steps away from its realisation. 3D drawings give a good indication of what the final piece will look like and these are also part of Step 4. This stage is where everything is double checked and, if required, any alterations are made.

Step 5: Production

This fifth step is where the manufacturing process begins. Adhering to the client’s vision from the drawn-up plans, craftsmanship and modern technology work side by side in order to create a bespoke furnishing of dreams. Using high quality materials, the work begins to an approximate agreed timescale. Throughout the process, there is constant liaison between ourselves and the client. During this stage, prior to installation, an interim payment of 40% is placed.

Step 6: Installation

This joyous stage is the one that sees the finished bespoke item ready to be installed into the home it will grace. Expert installation, conducted with the utmost care is completed by our experienced workmen who are guaranteed to ensure a smooth fitting and placement of the commissioned piece, plus any cleaning it may need once fitted. This sixth step is where, upon completion of installation, the final 10% balance is settled.

Step 7: After Care

At Salvatore London, the relationship with our clients does not end once a commissioned piece is produced and installed. We welcome ongoing communication with those who have entrusted us to create a piece of furniture from a personal idea. A communication that is open and one that provides a personal service of after care and maintenance advice for any bespoke piece. A discussion regarding after care and maintenance is had during both this step and the one prior, however, we are always available to discuss further, ensuring that our clients’ furniture is to their complete satisfaction.

With our 7-Step design process, we at Salvatore London are committed to a coherent, united and smooth method enabling those wanting to commission bespoke furniture to look no further.

Our bespoke options include

A natural addition

Bedside furniture is often overlooked when designing a bedroom. As focus shifts to bigger furnishings, the practical bedside table can be an after thought.

Extend the bedroom

A dressing room can be more than just a space to store clothes. In recent years, there has been an increase in the desire for this versatile space within the home.

Stylish Functionality

Add instant style and functionality to a lounge with a versatile sideboard; a furniture piece that is both elegant and an accessible storage solution.

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