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Benefits of Bespoke Joinery

What are the benefits of bespoke joinery?

Joinery is a skill of the most impressive standards. In a world of timber, joiners are artists. Bespoke joinery is the art of custom-made wooden furnishings elegantly crafted and put together by a joiner. A craft comprising a number of benefits, and one that is becoming ever more popular as people look for home comforts on a luxurious scale.

Why choose bespoke joinery?

Among its many advantages, bespoke joinery offers unique, made-to-measure pieces; the transformation of awkward areas; enhancement of space, whether from scratch or within existing décor schemes; the stylish maximisation of use of an area or object; a property value incentive, both literally and metaphorically, and the ownership of something that is handcrafted by highly skilled artisans using quality materials. It is no wonder, therefore, that the popularity of bespoke joinery is on the rise.

8 benefits of bespoke joinery

  1. Innovative personal design
  2. Making the awkward functional
  3. Enhancement of space
  4. Complimenting existing décor
  5. Fusion of fashion and functionality
  6. Increased property value
  7. High quality material product
  8. Handcrafted furnishing

1. Innovative Personal Design

A privilege of bespoke joinery is one’s involvement in the design process. One’s vision, one’s ideas, one’s inspiration, one’s say. Alongside the master joiner, a client’s personal conceptualisation is brought to life via a strong working partnership.

2. Making The Awkward Functional

This partnership sometimes begins life out of the rather common complaint that awkward spaces within homes and work surroundings are aplenty. A benefit of bespoke joinery is that it allows for every nook, big or small, to be made functional. Together with a master joiner, a personal design – one that stems from a client’s idea or inspiration – will give even the peskiest of nooks a purpose it never knew it had.

3. Enhancement Of Space

Enhancing spaces is not only great for functionality reasons, but also for general well-being. Tidy home, tidy mind. Bespoke joinery can do just that. Hence, an added advantage of this craftsmanship is that it creates something that is made exclusively for a specific place and purpose, allowing for a whole area, or even just a small space, to be optimised.

4. Complimenting Existing Décor

Besides the masterful work that comes with bespoke joinery, there is also an array of materials used to enhance the wood, if so desired, in its artisanal process. This could be anything from metalwork, for example, the form of handles or modern LED lights added to uplift a specific fixture. Alongside this additional benefit of further customisation, dream furnishing can be built around, or alongside, existing décor. Blending a bespoke joinery piece within existing furnishings and décor can automatically refresh and complement an area, adding priceless value also to the well-being of those using the space

5. Fusion Of Fashion And Functionality

Bespoke joinery allows one’s style and vision to work in unison with an idea that also fits alongside the purpose of the item. Knowing how a commissioned piece’s purpose can be enhanced allows one to work with certain criteria; Will it house storage? Is it for display purposes? And so on. Whether a bathroom cabinet or a full-scale kitchen, the marrying of style and purpose takes on another level with the use of joinery craftsmanship.

6. Increased Property Value

Another benefit of bespoke joinery, one that is sometimes bypassed, is the monetary value added to one’s home. This masterful craftsmanship adds desirability just by having a unique, made-to-measure design piece as part of the home’s furnishing scheme. Additionally, if selling a home is not in one’s plans, another value advantage that comes with the high-quality workmanship of bespoke joinery is that it does not in most cases need maintenance over time, sparing further expense and just allowing for this luxurious custom-made piece to take pride in one’s home.

7. High Quality Material Product

There is no debate that within the joinery field, the craftsmen carrying out the work are on the top scale of the timber trade. However, the superior wood materials used within this art form are also guaranteed to be of the highest standard. Another benefit, therefore, of bespoke joinery, alongside so many others, is the high-quality piece gracing one’s space upon its completion.

8. Handcrafted Furnishing

From an artisanal standpoint, bespoke joinery offers advantages in abundance. Handcrafted work is admired the world over. Whether an item of embroidery, a painting, or a fine piece of jewellery, Handcrafted is a universally appreciated art form. In bespoke joinery, the same notion applies. The art of handcrafted work, particularly one of a personal nature, formed out of a strong working relationship between client and joiner, is a beautiful thing. Finding oneself the owner of that piece of artwork is quite something.

Having now seen several benefits that come with bespoke joinery, it is easy to understand why commissioning custom-made wooden furnishing is becoming increasingly popular. Many are rightly enraptured by the notion of having a one-off item within their personal space. One inspired by a distinctive idea and created by the utmost experts in the crafting of timber; those trained in bringing out the beauty in any piece of wood.

Our bespoke options include

Organise your space

The trusty wardrobe has been a standard piece of home furniture for centuries providing organisation, storage and clutter-free spaces in the bedroom.

Maximise the space

Alcove units are designed to fit any space and make elegant focal points while maximising space and being a precious source of storage.

Stunning centre piece

When imagining a cosy home, the fireplace takes pride of place as part of the picture. The fireplace can be transformed into a stunning centre piece.

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