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Helpful Insights featuring a bespoke coffee table and tv media unit


Experience bespoke furniture design with Salvatore London. From concept to creation, gain helpful insights into our design process and discover the benefits of our expertly crafted pieces. Explore our articles to learn more.

Helpful Insights

Bespoke Furniture Design Process
Bespoke furniture design involves finding skilled craftsmen. Salvatore London offers a 7 step design process, guaranteeing quality while honouring clients’ ideas and vision, from initial discussion to aftercare.
Benefits of Bespoke Joinery
Bespoke joinery maximizes space, adds value, compliments décor, and offers personal design with high-quality, handcrafted materials. It offers made-to-measure pieces and innovative storage solutions.
Commission Bespoke Furniture
Commissioning bespoke furniture allows for a unique piece designed to your style and needs. Steps include budgeting, inspiration, design collaboration, and finding a skilled furniture maker.
Bespoke Joinery Home Storage Space
Bespoke joinery provides custom storage solutions to enhance and style your home with unique, one-of-a-kind pieces such as wardrobes, bookcases, and home offices, maximizing space and adding value.

Our bespoke options include

Admire the look

A beautiful window, whether simple, intricate or mysterious, is an attractive feature that we have all stopped to admire somewhere along the way.

Set the mood

With so many streaming platforms now the entertainment of choice, TV and media units are a fantastic way to enhance your home cinema experience.

Stunning centre piece

When imagining a cosy home, the fireplace takes pride of place as part of the picture. The fireplace can be transformed into a stunning centre piece.

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